Sports Management

Forte Sports is redefining sports management. Forte Sports specialise in expert contract negotiation, financial planning, lifestyle management, commercial opportunities, sponsorship and secondary income opportunities. We are skilled negotiators in a variety of lifestyle sectors.

We aim to be the agency that offers integrity, compassion and nurturing alongside the usual agent duties. We look at the long term, before, during and after your career.

Our Management team will always make time for our players whenever the need arises. We do not believe in caring for our players based on how successful they are. Every single player gets equal treatment and attention. The Forte Sports Management team have strong backgrounds in Football, Cricket, Rugby, Horse Racing, Tennis and Golf.

Services Provided to Clients:
• Client Marketing               • Sponsorship Opportunities               • Press & Media Management                • Media Training

• Contract Negotiations      • Financial Planning & Advice               • Endorsement Opportunities               • Invoicing & Payment      

• Diary Management           •  Property & Vehicle Negotiation